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Issue: 85

July 23, 2019





Create presentations on the go – Zoho Show for Android


Mobile app usage has been on a steady upward trend for years. With so much demand for our attention, mobile users have come to expect significant productivity gains if they’re going to download—and keep—a new app on their mobile device.Recognizing this, we’ve worked hard to incorporate all of the powerful features of Zoho..

Defining Your Target Customers Through a B2B Buyer Persona


Define your target customer and deliver the right marketing message at the right time to increase revenue.In today’s world, digital technology rules. With every beep, tweet, and ding, infinite amounts of information are harassing consumers, giving them the power and accessibility to educate themselves...


The Power of Equality: How to Empower Your Employees and Drive Impact


We are in the heart of the Fourth Industrial Revolution — surrounded by rapid surges of technologies that fundamentally transform the way we work, live, and interact. Now more than ever businesses must think about their responsibility to lead from the front on equality.




There’s a Chinese restaurant I like for takeout. The food is probably average, but they know that for me, the General Tso’s order always gets white rice. And they’ll ask if I happen to have forgotten my usual addition of the Crab Rangoon.>> Read more...



Utility Billing Software.As a utility, your billing needs are unique. You need a software package that will meet these unique needs. Utility billing software will not only meet these unique needs but will automate much of your billing process>> Read more..

Using Utilities CRM Solutions for Utility Companies. For many Utility Companies, CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a massive step forward regarding technological innovation. > > Read more..



White labeling is remotely similar to drop shipping, in that the manufacturer of the product you are selling sells it to you for a lower price than you will sell it for. You are buying the product from a manufacturer to sell it as your own, at any price you want. Read more...





Devtac is now one of the leading providers of ZohoSugarCRM, BlueBilling, Salesforce, SuiteCRM, and Software and Mobile App developers in the Philippines and Asia. Devtac is one of the most promising solutions providers, giving revolutionary business solutions to all kinds of business and industries. We are more than an application of technology—we are a business strategy. 

We have continued to thrive and promote our expertise in Customer Relationship Management, but we are also proud to have extensive experience in Consultancy, Design, and Implementation of Mobile applications.



DEVTAC has provided us excellent service and support with products that enable us to do the same to our own customers. We are expecting more projects with them that will further improve our product.

Franie Viceral

Growth Manager

ISpeakBetter, Inc.



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Co-Founder and Director of Marketing and Alliances 

With over 30 years of experience in the CRM Industry, David's expertise is, without a doubt, unparalleled. 


Phone: +63 917 620 1555


Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Walter has developed and provided numerous business solutions software for global clients and has been there in the ecosystem for more than 10 years. 


Phone: +63 917 794 8226


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